The Dark Legacy of Tor

A race against daybreak

When The Death Dealers was at Messia‘s orbit. They took a transport shuttle and landed on the death world. It didn’t take long before they enter the city Zanok. After some fighting with the locals Archon the Everchosen diced to test his new disease on them. After leaving them unconscious they hired a gang to help them out in finding the legendary demon axe Kha-Aksha on this planet. They defeat the leaders of three drill barons and forced their men to work for them. With the united power of the three factions they located the Mutant horde where the axe’s supposedly wielder where at. After engaging the mutants the Death Dealers found the wielder and where able to slay him before he turn into his true day form. When Commissar Caius Blackmoretook hold of the axe theBloodthirster of Kha-Aksha spoke to him and demanded to be released. When he agreed it manifested on the planet and start to slay the mutants. After it’s slaughter it spoke with The Death Dealers. Apparently all of the Death Dealers shared blood with one another and to an ancient warrior who defeated the Bloodthirster of Kha-Aksha long ago. It left to pounder about how this could be. When the Death Dealers returned to Zanok they found it in ruin. They later found out that a daemons infestation had occur. Vorxec Calvarius appeared and told them about how Nurgle had sent a Great unclean one to harvest Messia. However their vox channel was interrupted by a man calling himself The Red Knight. He demanded thatCommissar Caius Blackmore would come and face him in single combat to pay back for something he had done. He told them that he would wait for them at where the Bloodthirster had appeared.



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