The Dark Legacy of Tor

Breaking The Chains

After getting their gear back and found out that they have been in stasis for 800years the Heretics decided to work together. After meeting a mad Sorcerer and scare him away they proceed on their way to the command bridge. They meet with the Carrion Queen an made an alliance. After that they meet a Daemonhost that they helped in exchange for it’s help. They where then able to overcome Interrogator Crane’s defences and engage in a battle of the command bridge. After their victory they where able to convince the unknown Daemonhost to navigate the ship. It Navigate the ship into the warp storm known as the Screaming vortex and emergency land on Sacgrave. There they took the Carrion Queen and her subjects with them to the Weeping Hall. Their they resupplied. A women called Elika that had an invitation to the Temple of Lies from her master Copax. They where supposedly foreseen and meant for great things here in the Vortex.

On Kymerus they where left in the small village Carrion Corpse. There they tried to find a ride when a giant of man shout out if anyone dare to challenge him. Caius defeated the Disciple of Crox. After that they, headed to the temple. In there they meet up with Copax that wanted to know that they where the ones wanted to know their names and past. Everyone told him about themselves except Archon who refused. After that however he teleported away and his men appeared and try to kill them. After killing the assassins. The group decided to escap after they had gotten the hands of some rear plants Archon insisted on taking with them. Before they left Rose took the book on the desk that Copax had been reading when he asked about their past. Archon used his power to make the guards help him in securing the plants. After that Rose also wanted to steal a book known for it’s authors genius in warp and psychic phenomenons. When they got to the entrance they meet Copax and some Word Bearer legionnaires that was enrage that Copax had tried to trick them. Copax in his desperation try to kill the newly formed Warband The Death Dealers. They however became his undoing. A Word Bearer legionnaire called Corvis told the Death Dealers that his master wanted them to stay alive and offered his help in their escape. They where able to get a slave ship on it’s way to Sacgrave to take The Death Dealers with them. On the ship Rose made a interesting discover the book The Torestus’s main character Tor and their past had many similarity’s.



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