The Dark Legacy of Tor

Fighting the past

After persuadingVorxec Calvarius to let his harvest wait on this planet the warlord disappeared after sending back the Great unclean one. The Death Dealers went back to the battleground where they found an empty armour and signs of a battle. After that they took some of their men and head back to Sacgrave. After speaking with their man in charge they found out that (Deseced) Krayth had been found and killed by The Astarte Killers. When the Death Dealers meet them they spoke with the two brothers and agree on letting them be. After that they looked into some series of events that have happen in the ziggurat. They found out that the power had been restored and it was like someone led them toward the control room. There they meet with the Duke of Sacrgrave that they had cloned before. He told them why it was his right to rule and about the history of this planet and it’s true enemy. After defeating his monsters and beating him and made the cogitator recognize it’s new master. They sued it too find (Deseced) Cyrion Taal and Loven Valstor. The security system eliminated (Deseced) Cyrion Taal but Loven Valstor escaped. After that the group returned and start when they heard that a warlord wondered if they wanted to gamble with him. The Death Dealears meet up with the old man and Archon the Everchosen dominated the game. After chatting some games which he lost he tried to buy himself back with a book with a ritual. They accepted it but the group couldn’t help but notice how the man seem to make himself lose and when he was about to leave after giving them the book they asked him about it. He answered by how he saw himself as unfavoured by the gods and that he wanted someone to succeed with the ritual. The group supplied them self and start to plan out how to make this work as they had to enter real space and an Imperial planet no less.



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