The Dark Legacy of Tor

Heresy behind the wall

After securing passaged on a pirate ship. They where able to enter real space and get to the space-port just outside there target planet Limoges IV (saint Annard’s Penance). They decided to change there identity. The space-marines would act as servitors when Caius would be the body guard to Rose that pretended to be a Rouge trader and Solomon stole (Deseced) Interrogator Crane‘s identity. On the port they helped a chaos cult with there inner conflicts and as a thanks they secured passaged for them to the planet. On the ship Rose however meet with the Imperial Navy officer Jake that insisted on her being a heretic even if his superior didn’t believe him. rose later meet the missionary Sister Bahli Mercora that she was able to corrupt and sway from the true path. They then landed on the planet and in their courter planned the next step that Rubis suggested.



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