The Dark Legacy of Tor

Reuinion with old enemies and places

The Death Dealers wanted to extend their influence by assassinate(Deseced) Shadow Liege Vycraft. They where successful and took control of the Weeping halls. It didn’t take long before Palmere Grathcontacted them again with an offer. He sold to them information about the Temple of Lies movements and how they had been interested in the crashing site of The Chains of Judgement. The Death Dealers where able to intersect the little vessel that belonged to the Covenent X. There they found out they had captured the mad Space Marine they had meet in The Chains of Judgement. It turn out that The possessor had been using the body to get around. The wrathful spirit cursed it’s form on the Death Watch and claimed to be human. After providing it with a better host it reval that The Temple of Lies had been interest in what had happen to her before she had foudn herself in the ship. She then send out a distress signal. Some days later a battle-cruiser enter orbit at Sacgrave. The warlord in control of the ship turned out to be Solaria Half-blind. She seemed to have been an old friend of Solaria Half-blind. She was rather grateful to the Death Dealers for helping her friend. After picking up The possessor they left again. After making some planing The Death Delears agreed on setting course to Messia.



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