The Dark Legacy of Tor

The beginning


You are heretics. Condemned by the God-Emperor for your
crimes and sentenced to imprisonment, torture and eventually
death by the Inquisition. Though your crimes are varied, you
share a similar fate, having been hunted down and captured by
agents of the Imperium and incarcerated aboard the Chains of
Judgement, a prison barge on a course for the core worlds of
the Calixis Sector and its capital Scintilla, where the dungeons of
the Tricorn Palace await you. Befitting your nature as dangerous
criminals, you were placed in stasis, held in a state of limbo to
ride out the journey, powerless to change your fate. Now you
have awoken, the feeble lights of the stasis crypt greeting you
as you stumble from your casket. Strangely though, no leering
guards or armoured troopers stand waiting with manacles ready.
Looking around you see others like yourself emerge from their
own caskets. You also note the walls and floor are thick with dust
and age. You cannot help but wonder; just how long have you
slumbered, and what has happened in that time?



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