The Dark Legacy of Tor

The hunt for the Tyrant's Cord

On their way back to Sacgrave The Death Dealers meet with the merchant Palmere Grath. He offered them the destination of the valuable Tyrant’s Cord. Interest in the object that could give them right to rule over a planet accepted his offer. After finish some business in The Weeping Halls the group travelled to the crashing site where they found that their treasure had already been taken by somebody else, back in The Weeping Halls they asked around for the ones behind it. After finding out that a group of four outsiders had entered The Painted Ziggurat the group decided to ask the lord of the halls for help to enter The Painted Ziggurat. After a short meeting with Shadow Liege Vycraft they compromised that he could let them in if they got rid of the Dark Eldars. Rose where more happy on that agreement.

When they walked there they came across a strange portal that got them right into the Darl Eldars nest. There they meet with the Archon Beylix Ireshor. He and Rose had some history that he was unaware of as he didn’t remember Rose. They travelled together and when they found a Genetis lab, where the last Duke of Sacgrave had tried to clone himself. Archon took it upon himself to finish the work as the Duke if someone would know where the treasure they where seeking for the Dark Eldars where. After successfully creating the clone and intimidate him into submission, they got the location and got hold of the artefact that the Eldars where looking for.

With the Eldars maps they continue their hunt for the other group. They entered a room filled with god statues. The last and smallest picked Rose up. When she did she said out loudly how her greatest desire was perfection of her body and soul. After that she took the idol with her. Soon they found the other group that had barricade themselves and with a heavy bolter to defend themselves. The Dark Eldars where about to leave when Archon used his power to make Beylix Ireshor charge before them. After his death and soon his followers the group confronted the other warband. After cutting them down, their leader Rubis decided to betray her old master and side with The Death Dealers. The other three was able to escape. Rubis fast proved useful by helping them get hold over the a Soulcage ship. They renamed it The Tyrant’s Hold after their adventure and start to plan for what to do next.



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