The Dark Legacy of Tor

Heresy behind the wall

After securing passaged on a pirate ship. They where able to enter real space and get to the space-port just outside there target planet Limoges IV (saint Annard’s Penance). They decided to change there identity. The space-marines would act as servitors when Caius would be the body guard to Rose that pretended to be a Rouge trader and Solomon stole (Deseced) Interrogator Crane‘s identity. On the port they helped a chaos cult with there inner conflicts and as a thanks they secured passaged for them to the planet. On the ship Rose however meet with the Imperial Navy officer Jake that insisted on her being a heretic even if his superior didn’t believe him. rose later meet the missionary Sister Bahli Mercora that she was able to corrupt and sway from the true path. They then landed on the planet and in their courter planned the next step that Rubis suggested.

Fighting the past

After persuadingVorxec Calvarius to let his harvest wait on this planet the warlord disappeared after sending back the Great unclean one. The Death Dealers went back to the battleground where they found an empty armour and signs of a battle. After that they took some of their men and head back to Sacgrave. After speaking with their man in charge they found out that (Deseced) Krayth had been found and killed by The Astarte Killers. When the Death Dealers meet them they spoke with the two brothers and agree on letting them be. After that they looked into some series of events that have happen in the ziggurat. They found out that the power had been restored and it was like someone led them toward the control room. There they meet with the Duke of Sacrgrave that they had cloned before. He told them why it was his right to rule and about the history of this planet and it’s true enemy. After defeating his monsters and beating him and made the cogitator recognize it’s new master. They sued it too find (Deseced) Cyrion Taal and Loven Valstor. The security system eliminated (Deseced) Cyrion Taal but Loven Valstor escaped. After that the group returned and start when they heard that a warlord wondered if they wanted to gamble with him. The Death Dealears meet up with the old man and Archon the Everchosen dominated the game. After chatting some games which he lost he tried to buy himself back with a book with a ritual. They accepted it but the group couldn’t help but notice how the man seem to make himself lose and when he was about to leave after giving them the book they asked him about it. He answered by how he saw himself as unfavoured by the gods and that he wanted someone to succeed with the ritual. The group supplied them self and start to plan out how to make this work as they had to enter real space and an Imperial planet no less.

A race against daybreak

When The Death Dealers was at Messia‘s orbit. They took a transport shuttle and landed on the death world. It didn’t take long before they enter the city Zanok. After some fighting with the locals Archon the Everchosen diced to test his new disease on them. After leaving them unconscious they hired a gang to help them out in finding the legendary demon axe Kha-Aksha on this planet. They defeat the leaders of three drill barons and forced their men to work for them. With the united power of the three factions they located the Mutant horde where the axe’s supposedly wielder where at. After engaging the mutants the Death Dealers found the wielder and where able to slay him before he turn into his true day form. When Commissar Caius Blackmoretook hold of the axe theBloodthirster of Kha-Aksha spoke to him and demanded to be released. When he agreed it manifested on the planet and start to slay the mutants. After it’s slaughter it spoke with The Death Dealers. Apparently all of the Death Dealers shared blood with one another and to an ancient warrior who defeated the Bloodthirster of Kha-Aksha long ago. It left to pounder about how this could be. When the Death Dealers returned to Zanok they found it in ruin. They later found out that a daemons infestation had occur. Vorxec Calvarius appeared and told them about how Nurgle had sent a Great unclean one to harvest Messia. However their vox channel was interrupted by a man calling himself The Red Knight. He demanded thatCommissar Caius Blackmore would come and face him in single combat to pay back for something he had done. He told them that he would wait for them at where the Bloodthirster had appeared.

Reuinion with old enemies and places

The Death Dealers wanted to extend their influence by assassinate(Deseced) Shadow Liege Vycraft. They where successful and took control of the Weeping halls. It didn’t take long before Palmere Grathcontacted them again with an offer. He sold to them information about the Temple of Lies movements and how they had been interested in the crashing site of The Chains of Judgement. The Death Dealers where able to intersect the little vessel that belonged to the Covenent X. There they found out they had captured the mad Space Marine they had meet in The Chains of Judgement. It turn out that The possessor had been using the body to get around. The wrathful spirit cursed it’s form on the Death Watch and claimed to be human. After providing it with a better host it reval that The Temple of Lies had been interest in what had happen to her before she had foudn herself in the ship. She then send out a distress signal. Some days later a battle-cruiser enter orbit at Sacgrave. The warlord in control of the ship turned out to be Solaria Half-blind. She seemed to have been an old friend of Solaria Half-blind. She was rather grateful to the Death Dealers for helping her friend. After picking up The possessor they left again. After making some planing The Death Delears agreed on setting course to Messia.

The hunt for the Tyrant's Cord

On their way back to Sacgrave The Death Dealers meet with the merchant Palmere Grath. He offered them the destination of the valuable Tyrant’s Cord. Interest in the object that could give them right to rule over a planet accepted his offer. After finish some business in The Weeping Halls the group travelled to the crashing site where they found that their treasure had already been taken by somebody else, back in The Weeping Halls they asked around for the ones behind it. After finding out that a group of four outsiders had entered The Painted Ziggurat the group decided to ask the lord of the halls for help to enter The Painted Ziggurat. After a short meeting with Shadow Liege Vycraft they compromised that he could let them in if they got rid of the Dark Eldars. Rose where more happy on that agreement.

When they walked there they came across a strange portal that got them right into the Darl Eldars nest. There they meet with the Archon Beylix Ireshor. He and Rose had some history that he was unaware of as he didn’t remember Rose. They travelled together and when they found a Genetis lab, where the last Duke of Sacgrave had tried to clone himself. Archon took it upon himself to finish the work as the Duke if someone would know where the treasure they where seeking for the Dark Eldars where. After successfully creating the clone and intimidate him into submission, they got the location and got hold of the artefact that the Eldars where looking for.

With the Eldars maps they continue their hunt for the other group. They entered a room filled with god statues. The last and smallest picked Rose up. When she did she said out loudly how her greatest desire was perfection of her body and soul. After that she took the idol with her. Soon they found the other group that had barricade themselves and with a heavy bolter to defend themselves. The Dark Eldars where about to leave when Archon used his power to make Beylix Ireshor charge before them. After his death and soon his followers the group confronted the other warband. After cutting them down, their leader Rubis decided to betray her old master and side with The Death Dealers. The other three was able to escape. Rubis fast proved useful by helping them get hold over the a Soulcage ship. They renamed it The Tyrant’s Hold after their adventure and start to plan for what to do next.

Breaking The Chains

After getting their gear back and found out that they have been in stasis for 800years the Heretics decided to work together. After meeting a mad Sorcerer and scare him away they proceed on their way to the command bridge. They meet with the Carrion Queen an made an alliance. After that they meet a Daemonhost that they helped in exchange for it’s help. They where then able to overcome Interrogator Crane’s defences and engage in a battle of the command bridge. After their victory they where able to convince the unknown Daemonhost to navigate the ship. It Navigate the ship into the warp storm known as the Screaming vortex and emergency land on Sacgrave. There they took the Carrion Queen and her subjects with them to the Weeping Hall. Their they resupplied. A women called Elika that had an invitation to the Temple of Lies from her master Copax. They where supposedly foreseen and meant for great things here in the Vortex.

On Kymerus they where left in the small village Carrion Corpse. There they tried to find a ride when a giant of man shout out if anyone dare to challenge him. Caius defeated the Disciple of Crox. After that they, headed to the temple. In there they meet up with Copax that wanted to know that they where the ones wanted to know their names and past. Everyone told him about themselves except Archon who refused. After that however he teleported away and his men appeared and try to kill them. After killing the assassins. The group decided to escap after they had gotten the hands of some rear plants Archon insisted on taking with them. Before they left Rose took the book on the desk that Copax had been reading when he asked about their past. Archon used his power to make the guards help him in securing the plants. After that Rose also wanted to steal a book known for it’s authors genius in warp and psychic phenomenons. When they got to the entrance they meet Copax and some Word Bearer legionnaires that was enrage that Copax had tried to trick them. Copax in his desperation try to kill the newly formed Warband The Death Dealers. They however became his undoing. A Word Bearer legionnaire called Corvis told the Death Dealers that his master wanted them to stay alive and offered his help in their escape. They where able to get a slave ship on it’s way to Sacgrave to take The Death Dealers with them. On the ship Rose made a interesting discover the book The Torestus’s main character Tor and their past had many similarity’s.

The beginning

You are heretics. Condemned by the God-Emperor for your
crimes and sentenced to imprisonment, torture and eventually
death by the Inquisition. Though your crimes are varied, you
share a similar fate, having been hunted down and captured by
agents of the Imperium and incarcerated aboard the Chains of
Judgement, a prison barge on a course for the core worlds of
the Calixis Sector and its capital Scintilla, where the dungeons of
the Tricorn Palace await you. Befitting your nature as dangerous
criminals, you were placed in stasis, held in a state of limbo to
ride out the journey, powerless to change your fate. Now you
have awoken, the feeble lights of the stasis crypt greeting you
as you stumble from your casket. Strangely though, no leering
guards or armoured troopers stand waiting with manacles ready.
Looking around you see others like yourself emerge from their
own caskets. You also note the walls and floor are thick with dust
and age. You cannot help but wonder; just how long have you
slumbered, and what has happened in that time?


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