(Deseced) Beylix Ireshor

Exiled Dark Eldar noble who wanders the Wheeping Halls


A white-haired Dark Eldar lordling with an extremely arrogant expression.

His head is now in Rose’s possession.


Beylix Ireshor does not lead the Onyx Scar, but he is the ranking noble on Sacgrave and is charged by his Kabal with finding the Ashes of Ynesth. Truthfully, this hopeless task is tantamount to exile, and Ireshor knows it. He alternates searching the vaults with brooding over his wretched fortune. However, ennui inevitably pulls him into the Weeping Halls for a taste of pain and a reminder that at least he does not live in this squalid downpour. The humans’ fear provides momentarily relief from his irritation, but the hunger for more always returns.

Ireshor would love nothing more than to carve through the halls of humans until their blood runs heavier than the rain and their screams echo louder than the thunder. Unfortunately for him, however superior his Kabalite warriors are, they are outnumbered hundreds to one by Liege Vycraft’s rabble. Ireshor is sure this too is a part of the deliberate slight on his family. Like all true born, his ego is swollen with self-entitlement, and that arrogance is only magnified around humans.

After meeting The Death Dealers they made an barging. They helped him find a lost artefact. He was however betrayed by The Death Dealers and Archon used his power to make Beylix jump in to the line of fire for Rubis heavy bolter.

(Deseced) Beylix Ireshor

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