Solomon's minion


After seeing her allies getting cut-down, Rubis decided to side with The Death Dealers. Swearing her loyalty to Solomon. She has proven loyal to her new masters for now.


Rubis was born as a menial on a Forge world. Her early life was characterised by a conflicting fascination and hatred of the ruling Tech-Priests. Refused admission to the machine cult, she eventually found an outcast Magos who taught her heretical and pragmatic ways to impose her will upon machines. The rituals Rubis knows do not seek to placate or honour machine spirits, but to force them into her service— often by scarring them with blasphemous modifications and contaminating them with unorthodox circuitry. Rubis is very familiar with the universe beyond the Screaming Vortex, though she fled into the Vortex so long ago that any traces of her formerly Imperial heritage are long-vanished.

Rubis leads the warband. She makes an art form out of brutal honesty, choosing words and facts that cause the most discomfort when she speaks. She is driven by the hunger to collect knowledge—the more protected and heretical the information, the greater her longing to possess it. Nothing infuriates her more than a secret that she cannot discover, and she takes the greatest glee in unearthing forbidden lore.


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