(Deseced) Shadow Liege Vycraft

Current ruler of the Wheeping Halls


Vycraft’s epaulettes lend a naval cast to his appearance, but he is otherwise dressed and armoured practically for the cutthroat culture of Sacgrave. Blue veins stand out on his skin, and his burnished gold eyes reflect the lamplight unnaturally.

  • Was killed by The Death Dealers in their quest to take over Sacgrave

The violent atmosphere and warp storms surrounding Sacgrave pull a great many ships to their doom in its turbulent skies. Vycraft was once the captain of such a vessel—a stolen Imperial Navy frigate dubbed the Second Fire. After its destruction, Vycraft’s struggle to control a small piece of Sacgrave began as a way to buy his way off the planet and return to piracy. However, the means eventually became the end. As his power and infamy grew, Vycraft gave up aspirations of returning to the void and embraced his role as a Liege of the Weeping Halls.

Vycraft keeps his place atop the rabble with a combination of force and guile. He selects only men of low ambitions and plodding loyalty for his personal guard. Each one is distinguished by a pendant of glass taken from the cathedral of the Second Fire. Vycraft deals with dissenters swiftly, mercilessly, and publicly. However, the rest of his rule is an illusion of freedom. Gestures like the Pit and the occasional staged entertainments create something to lose if enemies should take the Weeping Halls. Vycraft has found that mugs of amasec and the blood of slaves secure mercenary loyalty far better than any bribe, and at a fraction of the cost. Meanwhile, the Liege stockpiles the proceeds from his slave columns, and takes a cut from every commerce stall in exchange for shelter in his Halls.

Those in favour with Vycraft can also use his slave hoist to come and go from Sacgrave’s surface This exterior platform extends over the edges of the walls and runs down to the plains outside the Weeping Halls, and has long ropes that can connect to the chain of slaves. The column masters spur them into motion, and they power a controlled ascent and descent down the side of the ruined tower. The primary advantage of this is that the Shadow Liege has a way of entering and exiting the city without passing through the main gate.

The Liege is very careful about his personal safety, and always endeavours to be accompanied by trusted bodyguards, he is always accompanied by a cadre of mercenary guards.

(Deseced) Shadow Liege Vycraft

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